Legal clinic on immigration issues

Professor Bruno Tonoletti

Professor Bruno Tonoletti

(1st semester - 93 hours, 6 CFUs)

The clinic will consist of two modules:

  • Module 1: (18 hours - 3 CFUs) Lectures on: immigration law; integrating national and supranational sources in the field; competences of administrative authorities and principles regulating their operation, particularly concerning provincial and local police offices; practical exercises concerning involvement of provincial and local police.
  • Module 2: (75 hours - 3 CFUs) External practical exercises: assisting the offices of the province or city of Pavia in the preparation of files and drafting of documents in one of the areas: immigration; family reunification; citizenship application and award; reception, control and status of asylum seekers; management of reception centres; support activities to the Territorial Council on Immigration.

Examination: preparation of a written report for discussion.