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Prospective students may apply for enrolment in the following programs:

  • three-year Bachelor’s in Legal Services Sciences
  • three-year Bachelor's of Law in Prevention and Safety
  • single-cycle (five-year) Master’s in Law.

The following programs are no longer active: the four-year Bachelor’s in Law; the three-year Bachelor’s in Legal Sciences; the two-year Master’s specialisation in Law. These programs are now expired except for students enrolled not later than academic years 2000-2001, 2005-2006 and 2008-2009, respectively.

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Single-cycle degree programs (5 years)

The UNIPV provides specific rules for transfer between degree programs in Law, in consideration of the coexistence of several programs and the presence of students enrolled in programs that have since expired.

Students enrolled in the former four-year Bachelor’s program in Law may:

  1. Complete their studies following the original curriculum and with final qualification of the same value as under the current Bachelor’s program, and with the possibility of enrolling, once graduated, in the School for Advanced Studies (SSPL) or;
  2. Transfer to one of the current degree programs (Legal Services Sciences, Law in Prevention and Safety, Master of Law) applying the exams already taken in the old system according to a table of comparison in credits.

Similarly, students enrolled in or graduated from the previous three-year degree program may enrol in the Master of Law by obtaining recognition of the exams already taken.

Current students may also apply for transfer between the current three-year degree programs in Legal Services Sciences and Law on Prevention and Safety, or to the single-cycle Master’s program.

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