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The University of Pavia uses the services of the AlmaLaurea inter-university consortium as a virtual meeting point between students, graduates, universities and companies, for exchange of information.

The AlmaLaurea portal provides access to list of approved companies for potential internships.

Registration on the portal is required for first access.

To access the relevant section, go to the AlmaLaurea portal> Reserved Area> Traineeships and internships> Access AlmaLaurea, or connect using the link AlmaLaurea, then List of approved companies.

To proceed with an internship, the company must enter the request for agreement, describing the training project, on the AlmaLaurea portal. All procedures are completely computerised.


The student may also develop their internship proposal by contacting a company directly, or by responding to potential advertisements. However, following any preliminary agreement, the company tutor must enter the proposed training project on the Company access platform of AlmaLaurea UNIPV, indicating the contents in detail. Once this is complete, the Departmental Delegate will receive an email notification and proceed to evaluate. In the case of approval, the parties will be notified by email.

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After receiving the email approving the training project, the student accesses the AlmaLaurea portal, prints and signs the training project form, submits it for signature to the company tutor, and then uploads the signed document. After receipt of an internship activation email, the student is authorised to begin their internship in the agreed period, enjoying the standards UNIPV insurance coverage.


At the close of the internship the student must obtain their assessment on the relevant form, to be submitted on paper at the Student Secretariat desk.