Legal clinic on human rights and social inclusion

Professor Giuditta Matucci

(2nd semester - 93 hours, 6 CFUs)

The clinic will consist of two modules:

  • Module 1:(18 hours - 3 CFUs) lectures and seminars aimed at acquiring knowledge on: 1) the principle of non-discrimination and needs for social inclusion: profiles of national and international law; 2) the rights of the child within and external to the family of origin, particularly in the case of non-citizen children or families); 3) the rights of persons with disabilities (education, employment, accessibility); 4) the rights of LGBTI+ persons (gender identity and gender reassignment, school and university, employment).
  • Module 2: (75 hours - 3 CFUs) external practical work: students will put the acquired knowledge to use by carrying out one or more activities in support of associations dealing with the rights of children, persons with disabilities and/or LGBTI+ persons: 1) "service desk" activities, providing legal guidance to users; 2) advocacy, i.e. study, research and actions aimed at influencing public policies and allocation of resources within political, economic and social systems and their institutions; 3) street law, i.e. development and implementation of civic education projects contributing to the development of awareness of the rights and duties due to each community member, particularly with a view to preventing discrimination in schools and/or institutions.

Examination: preparation of a written report for discussion.