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Revista iustitia
Revista Iustitia
Revista Iustitia is a four-monthly publication of the UNIPV Department of Law and the Department of Law of the University of Belgrano (Buenos Aires), in cooperation with IJ Editories. The current editors are professors Carlo Granelli and Dino Luis Bellorio Clabot.
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Rivista finanza
Rivista di diritto finanziario e scienza delle finanze
The “Journal of Finance and Financial Law”, founded by Benvenuto Griziotti in 1937, is a quarterly publication of contributions on finance, tax and financial law. Honorary editors are professors Alberto Majocchi and Giulio Tremonti; Editor-in-chief is Professor Silvia Cipollina.

The Department of Law communicates its research results through the publication of monographs and conference proceedings within the Collana della Facoltà di Giurisprudenza: Studi nelle Science Giuridiche (Studies in Legal and Social Sciences of the Department of Law), issued by CEDAM Wolters Kluwer S.p.a. The series currently stands at over 160 volumes by professors and researchers of the UNIPV, as well as by other collaborating scholars.