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Following a merger with the Consortium of Lombardy Universities, the CINECA Consortium of Italian Universities is introducing the new IRIS suite of application services, enabling improved management of information on research resources, skills, activities and results.

The IRIS modules, some already in operation, provide for data collection and management in the following areas:

  1. Institutional Repository/Open Archive (IR/OA), the repository of research products;
  2. Evaluation and Review (ER);
  3. Resource Management (RM);
  4. Expertise and Skills (ES);
  5. Activities and Projects (AP).

In April 2015 our University definitively shifted all of its data from the UGOV Catalogue of Research Products to the IRIS IR/OA module. The research products of the University of Pavia can therefore be accessed by entering IRIS using the credentials for UNIPV services or, for external users, by simply accessing the public repository at

UNIPV Credentials

USERNAME: Italian tax code, with capital letters
PASSWORD: a University Services password requested (or reassigned if lost) at