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The Legal Analytics for Italian Law (LAILA) project addresses the application of legal analytics to large and diverse sets of data, in particular legislation and contracts. Analytics – meaning the mix of data sciences, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, natural language processing and statistics – can be applied in the legal domain for the extraction new knowledge, detection of undiscovered relationships, and provision of data-driven predictions.

The main aims of LAILA are to:

  1. apply, refine and develop legal analytics (LA) technologies;
  2. indicate methodologies and guidelines for the efficient and ethical use of LA technologies;
  3. expand understanding of the structure, logic and dynamics of Italian law in its connection with EU law.

LAILA places Italian legal research and practice at the forefront of LA applications, with potentials of strong impacts on legal informatics, research, and more generally on the economy and society. The project team applies an interdisciplinary synthesis (law, legal theory, legal informatics, computer ethics, AI, machine learning) in both scientific and methodological approaches.

LAILA was designated a Research Project of National Significance in the 2017 funding competition.

Professor Nicola Rizzo is coordinator for the Pavia unit.