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Each first-year student is assigned a reference lecturer who will remain with them until graduation, available during specified office hours to discuss the progress of their studies, report any difficulties and ask for advice. The relationships established are intended to be informal, non-bureaucratic, and geared to providing practical orientation and guidance.

Before the end of October at the latest, the Departmental Education Service will inform the new students of their reference lecturer, who will invite them to a first meeting.

Peer-to-peer tutoring: “I aim to complete my UNIPV”.

"I aim to complete my UNIPV" is a peer tutoring project promoted by the University of Pavia Centre for University Orientation (COR), involving senior students from different University colleges as tutors, for students in first and second year.

The project guarantees junior students constant and direct relations with their senior colleagues, in a manner supplementary to the services already offered by the University through other tutoring services, including those of the reference lecturer. This continuous informative and orientation tutoring may include advice on study methods, approaches to the various subjects, and optimal preparation for the exam experience.

New students wishing to take part in the project should contact the project coordinator, Professor Michele Madonna: or any of the individual tutors.

The project for Tutoring Orientation Plans, which falls within the national framework of the Vocational Academics in Law Enhancement project (POT 2017/2018 - VALE), is renewed for the years 2020 and 2021. The project provides for student tutoring and guidance services, including in preparation for the more difficult exams of the various program years.

Tutorati speciali

Per gli studenti interessati è stato attivato un servizio di tutorato dedicato per gli studenti con disabilità e disturbi specifici dell’apprendimento, e per le azioni di contrasto alla dispersione accademica (per gli studenti a rischio abbandono o con difficoltà negli esami).

I tutor di riferimento, che gli interessati possono contattare, sono:
Silvia Foiani (
Christian Garzero (

2020-2021Tutoring services

Students are encouraged to draw on the tutoring and consulting services of the University Orientation Centre (COR) in learning successful study methods tailored to their degree programs, and preparation for individual exams. The COR and its tutors serve as a point of contact and support, remaining available throughout the student’s course of studies.

In addition to using the tutoring service, students can also become tutors themselves by taking part in the calls for assignments published on the website.