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For most programs, the learning outcomes acquired by the student are assessed by oral examinations in each course, leading to award of the relevant credits. The Department views the method of oral examination as most suitable for the field of law, where ability in correct and proper dialectical expression through organisation of structured discourse, mastery of technical terminology, ability in conceptualisation and clear and effective expression of complex and articulated arguments, are all of great importance.

The oral examination enables the examiners and students to cover the variety of topics within the individual courses and accurately assess the candidate's overall level of preparation. In some cases, however, the assessment of learning outcomes is carried out by a combination of written test and oral test, and in some cases the oral test may be optional.

Each examination takes place before an examination committee chaired by the relevant course coordinator and established by resolution of the Departmental Council, in accordance with current legislation. The grade is generally expressed in thirtieths: passing grade 18/30 or higher; maximum grade is 30/30: in deserving cases, the Examination Committee may add an honourable mention to a mark of 30.